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What is a fun technique to do on your scrapbook pages with stencils?

Plaster Your Pages Using Scrapbook Stencils

Stencils are inexpensive scrapbooking tools that have a variety of purposes. A fun new technique for creating your scrapbook layout is to use scrapbooking stencils and plaster on your scrapbook pages. You can color the plaster with re-inkers or chalk. The stencils can be plastic or metal. Use a paper clip or adhesive to keep the stencil in place, then add your plaster and scrape across the top with the edge of a knife to smooth out your image or leave it bumpy for more texture. When removing the stencil, remember to lift it directly off the page so you don't smear your pattern. The plaster material will add depth, dimension and a unique twist to your scrapbook layouts. Apply the plaster directly onto the paper or use a separate piece of paper and cut out the shapes to glue to your layout. Different techniques and designs make your layouts exciting and fun to create.

What kind of materials can be used in a tag maker?

Tag Maker Scrapbooking Tool

The tag maker is a part of the Making Memories scrapbooking tools collection. This little scrapbooking tool can transform paper, fabric or photos into uniquely shaped embellishments. The tag maker comes with templates and coordinating metal rims to create your tags. The rims are archival-safe and rust-free so you don't have to worry about harming your scrapbook layouts. When making your tags you will place the metal rim into the tag maker and slide your paper into the slots in the metal rims, then you simply squeeze and you're done. Metal tags can be used for decorative purposes, journaling, to showcase a photo and more. With metal tags and some imagination you will be able to create a distinctive scrapbook page to display your memories.

What is a scrapbook tool that a lot of people forget about?

The Forgotten Scrapbook Tool

The self-healing mat is a scrapbook tool that is often overlooked. Experienced scrapbookers know that this little mat is a must-have for your scrapbooking cutting and cropping needs. The self-healing mat is a protector and ruler. Use the mat in conjunction with cutting blades. The ruled lines on the mat help measure accurately and cut straight lines if needed. The self-healing aspect eliminates divots and creases to provide a smooth cutting surface every time. If you do a lot of scrapbooking, the self-healing mat is a wonderful item to add to your scrapbooking tool kit.

What does the Clickit do?

The Clickit: A New Scrapbooking Tool from Karen Foster Design

Karen Foster has created a new scrapbooking tool that is easy to use and has a variety of functions. This little tool is a silent eyelet setter, it can emboss on metal and it will punch holes in your paper for stitching.

The Clickit sets eyelets with ease. All you have to do is punch the hole, insert your eyelet and click the tool for a flawless finish.

In order to emboss, you need to use one of the decorative tools. The Clickit comes with different tips, including some alphabet tips. Once you have selected your tip, set it in the tool and place it on the metal. Click the tool once or twice to get the depth you want. Your finished product will be a perfect embossed image on your metal.

You can evenly punch holes along your paper with the two-hole punch tip and your Clickit tool. Insert the two-hole tip and place it on top of the cardstock under the craft mat to punch holes that are evenly spaced across you paper. Once you have prepped the paper with the holes, you can use paper floss or fibers to give the paper a hand-stitched finish.

New tools for scrapbooking make scrapbooking easier and so much fun! Keeping up-to-date on the newest scrapbook “toys” will help you make your scrapbooking adventures even more exciting.

What can you make with a scrapbook punch?

Basic Scrapbook Tool: The Scrapbook Punch

A scrapbook punch is a basic tool that can be used by any scrapper, but it is ideal for beginners. There are several uses for a scrapbook punch. It can be used to punch out various shapes that can be used for die-cuts or other page embellishments. You can use a scrapbook punch to make a page border for your layouts. You can also use the outline of the punch as a template to make other decorations. This basic tool has so many functions that it is an essential item for scrappers of all levels.


Craft Punch Templates

Craft punches are terrific little tools and they come in so many fantastic shapes. One downfall to the craft punch is its size. The punched shapes are usually only an inch or two in dimension. The figures would make great die cuts, but size is an issue.

Here is a solution:

Use the negative punched out portion of your punches. Punch your shape onto a scrap paper, place it on a copier with a dark sheet of paper covering the punched out portion. Then, enlarge it to the desired size. Next, cut out the black negative punched pieces for templates. Now you have some new templates and some fabulous shapes for your scrapbook layouts.

I would like to know how to attach my photos to the scrapbook pages. I am a novice scrapbooker.

Scrapbook Adhesive Solutions

Attaching photos to scrapbook pages can be done in many different ways. There are many types of memory-safe adhesive you can use for scrapbook pages.

Photo corners are one solution for adhering photos to your pages. This type of adhesive allows you to remove photos if necessary. Photo pockets can be used if you want removable photos.

Tape runners like the tombow adhesive are an easy, fast solution for attaching photos and embellishments to your scrapbook layouts. You can also use an acid-free glue stick or a liquid adhesive.

Photos can be attached "as is" (meaning in the original size) or you can crop them to your desired size. You can also cut them into shapes to "tie in" with the theme of your page.

What kind of writing tools are safe for my pages layouts?

Memory-Safe Scrapbook Writing Tools

Recording vital information in your scrapbook (commonly called journaling) is extremely important. Many scrappers hand write their information on their page layouts. There are several types of scrapbook writing tools that are safe for your scrapbook pages. You should only use scrapbook writing tools that say “acid-free” or “photo-safe.” It is also important to look for pens, pencils, markers, etc that will not bleed or fade on the paper. Some commonly writing tools that you can use for your scrapbooking needs are gel pens, colored pencils and felt tip pens or markers (these come in various tip sizes). The scrapbook writing tools are a very important part of preserving your memories, so it is important to make sure you use the right products for your pages.

What are brads?

Brads for Scrapbooking

Brads have become one of the most popular metal embellishments used for scrapbook page layouts. Because of convenience and appeal these little items are in high demand. Brads for scrapbooking adds color, texture and charm to page layouts. When using brads for scrapbooking you will need to have a 1/8” or smaller hole punch or a piecing tool available to punch your holes for the brads. You can use a ruler or some sort of measurement tool to help you place your brads evenly on the pages.

Brads can be used to outline a photo mat or page border. They can be used for decorating die-cuts and stamped images, for example you can put a brad in the middle of a flower image to add depth and dimension. Brads for scrapbooking are perfect for both beginners and advanced scrappers. With brads the possibilities are endless.

Where can I find instructions on how to use my new embellishing tools?

Scrapbooking Tools

Embellishing tools help create unique and beautiful pages for your scrapbooks. If you are not sure how to use the tools you have then you might want to see if they came with instructions. You can also return to the store or person you bought the tools from and ask them to show you how to use them.

On the scrapbook tip site there are some tips about specific tools like the empressor tool, embossing tools (wet and dry), eyelet setters, etc. Depending on the tools you need assistance with, you may also be able to find instructions on various scrapbooking sites on the Internet.

I have never used eyelets before and would like to use them since I have seen many layouts that look great with them. How do I put them on a page?

Eyelets: How to Use Them on Your Scrapbook Pages

Eyelets can add appeal to your scrapbook layouts. In order to use eyelets you have to have the right tools. You will need to purchase an eyelet setter, which usually comes in a kit with a hole punch, tweezers and a hammer. You can buy a traditional eyelet setting kit or purchase a silent setter that is now on the market. The eyelet setter is available at almost any scrapbook or craft store.

You will need to punch the hole for your eyelet prior to placing it on your page. The hole is 1/8" in diameter. You punch the hole and then put eyelet through it and use your setter to pound it in place.

Instructions should be included in your kit or with your eyelet setter. Eyelets can be used for decoration or you can even thread ribbon, hemp, waxy flax, etc. through them for more design choices.


Sharp and Clean Craft Punches

Craft punches like any tool get worn and dirty. Paper dyes may rub off onto the metal and your punch may start to get dull. Caring for these and other scrapbooking tools will help preserve them and make them last longer.

In order to keep your punches clean and sharp you can punch through wax paper several times, the wax keeps the edges of the punch fresh. Clean your craft punches with rubbing alcohol, which will remove any access stickiness and wash off residue.


Caring For Your Scissors

Every scrapper must have a sharp pair of scissors in their scrapbooking supplies. There are many different brands of scissors made especially for scrapbooking. EK Success produces a pair of scissors called “Cutter Bees”- these scissors are extremely sharp and easy to use. They are great for cutting small projects, too.

Once you find the scissors that will satisfy your scrapping needs, you should maintain them by keeping them sharp, free of residue and in good working condition.

You can sharpen your scissors by cutting a piece of tin foil several times. Then, clean your scissors with alcohol; this will also remove any sticky residue that might be stick to your shears. Alcohol pads are a handy item to include in your scrapbooking bag. You can also try using adhesive remover to remove sticky residue left by adhesives.

Keeping your scissors in working order will help you create embellishments for your scrapbook pages in no time. Always keep your scissors out of reach so young children do not get injured.


Inking With Craft Punch Shapes

Craft punches can be used in many ways. Besides the obvious you can use your craft punches for inking small images onto your scrapbook layouts. Here some ideas for a variety of craft punch uses:

1. Choose a punch with your desired shape and punch it through a piece of heavy cardstock. Cut a basic shape (square, rectangle or circle) around the punched-out area. This shape will be your template.

2 Place your template over another sheet of scrapbook paper or cardstock and use chalk or an inkpad to sponge on color. If you use embossing ink or pigment ink, you can then sprinkle on embossing powder and use your heat gun to give your image a raised surface.

3 For a fun variation and added detail, leave a center shape within the template white (for example, a flower center). Simply tack down the center shape to your page with removable adhesive, and then position your punched template over it. Sponge on your color, then lift up the center shape. This will leave you with a unique image. You can also add more detail to your shapes by tracing them with a fine black pen.

Inking your craft punch shapes is easy and fun to do. Try mixing colors and inking different shades of color on your shapes and images.


Using Craft Punches to Embellish Your Scrapbook Pages

Craft punches can be used to add some character to your scrapbook page creations. Craft punches come in many shapes and sizes.

Here are some common types of craft punches.


Heart punches are great for valentine layouts, baby themes or wedding pages.


This shape is extremely versatile. It can be used for "little girls" scrapbook pages. Spring themed pages and anniversary layouts.


Star shapes are another punch that can be used for many purposes. Fourth of July pages look great decorated with stars. Star punches can be used for toddler pages or a "super star" themed page.

There are other types of punches that can be used for your page layouts. There are corner rounder punches that will round the corners of picture mats or other parts of your layout. Several types of decorative punches are available at scrapbook supply stores and craft store.

A paper punch will add variety and originality to your scrapbook pages. You can create many designs and patterns with these little items.

What are some good scrapbook tools?

Scrapbook Tool Maintenance: Templates

It is important to keep your scrapbooking tools clean. Make sure your templates are clean and you are less likely to mark your album pages and photos. Plastic templates should be rinsed on a regular basis. Use warm sudsy water, rinse well and then dry flat.

Does everything used in my scrapbook have to be acid free, or just the objects touching the pictures?

Acid-Free, Memory-Safe Products in Your Scrapbook

Everything you use in your scrapbook doesn't necessarily have to be acid-free, but it is recommended. Anything that contains acid is going to deteriorate after a while and whatever it is touching will turn yellow and start to erode (this includes your paper, etc). You definitely do not want anything that is not acid-free and memory safe touching your pictures, because it could ruin them. But as far as using items that are not acid-free that is totally up to you.

How can I use stencils in my scrapbooking?

Stencil Shapes

Stencils come in a huge variety of shapes. You can purchase hearts, ovals, vegetables, fruits, flower stencils and more. There are as many uses for stencils are there are designs. You can use the stencils to make a border or title for your page. Use a shaped stencil to cut out photo mats or journaling blocks. Stencils aren't limited to scrapbooking either. Use them to decorate homemade cards or other projects around your house.

What are some good scrapbook tools?

Scrapbooking Heat Tools

Embossing your scrapbook pages makes for a nice effect. You will need to have a scrapbooking heat tool, such as a heat gun. For a nice effect, stamp a nice image onto your page, sprinkle on embossing powder and use your heat tool to melt the powder. When it dries, you have an elegant embossed image on your page. Just make sure the ink you use is acid free.


Creating Smooth Edges for Die Cut Punch Outs

Die cuts are readily available in many shapes, sizes and colors. Many types of die cuts come in punch-out sheets. If you are punching out a die cut from a perforated edge it can leave a rough outline. Most scrapbooking perfectionists don't like the perforated edge left on the die cut. How can you get rid of this edge without cutting it and risking an uneven image?

There is a simple solution to getting rid rough edges. Use an emery board to gently sand away the edges, which will leave you with smooth edges and a perfect punch out. Since most die cuts are made out of a heavy weight paper such as cardstock the sanding method usually is not too harsh, but you still need to be gentle with your sanding strokes.

What are some good scrapbook tools?

Scrapbooking Cutting Tools: Decorative Scissors

For a handy reference to see how your decorative scissors will look, use your scissors to cut card stock into 5.5" x 4 .5" rectangles. Cut one half, then turn the scissors the other way so you can see how the pattern will look in the negative. Keep the card stock in a display folder. When trying to decide on an appropriate mat you can lay the photo onto the pages of the folder and see how it looks. Take the binder with you when you go to purchase additional scrapbook cutting tools to make sure you don't purchase a duplicate.

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