Memory-Safe Scrapbook Writing Tools

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What kind of writing tools are safe for my pages layouts?

Memory-Safe Scrapbook Writing Tools

Recording vital information in your scrapbook (commonly called journaling) is extremely important. Many scrappers hand write their information on their page layouts. There are several types of scrapbook writing tools that are safe for your scrapbook pages. You should only use scrapbook writing tools that say “acid-free” or “photo-safe.” It is also important to look for pens, pencils, markers, etc that will not bleed or fade on the paper. Some commonly writing tools that you can use for your scrapbooking needs are gel pens, colored pencils and felt tip pens or markers (these come in various tip sizes). The scrapbook writing tools are a very important part of preserving your memories, so it is important to make sure you use the right products for your pages.



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