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How do I do scrapbook journaling?

Decorative Journaling as a Border

Every scrapbook page needs to have journaling in order to identify what is going on in the photos. If you are tired of the standard journal box, try writing around the edge of a single photograph or the entire page. You can use the journaling as a way to frame a group of photographs. Other journaling ideas include repeating a verse or a poem around a border along a wavy line. They make excellent scrapbook journaling software that can help with this process.

How do I do scrapbook journaling?

Special Scrapbook Journaling: White House Greeting

Looking for a creative journaling idea? You can write to the White House to request a special greeting from the President for: the birth of a child, anyone celebrating an 80th or older birthday, or 50th wedding anniversary. The address is: White House Greetings Office Room 39, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. 20500

If you want to preserve the original, simply make a copy to scrapbook with and store the original in a scrapbook memorabilia pocket.


Journaling Your Scrapbook Pages

Journaling is an essential part of your scrapbook page layouts. Whether you are creating a baby scrapbook, a wedding scrapbook or a school memory book, it is important to record dates, activities and milestones. You should journal on almost every page with an explanation under the photographs. If you do not have information about your photographs and page layouts then you might forget an important event and others will not be able to fully enjoy your photos.

The proper way to journal is to answer Who? What?, When?, Where? And Why? Providing an answer to these common questions is key for future reference. Tell a story about your photos; try to relive the memory in your writing. All of these suggestions will make your memories come alive and by journaling your pages you will be able to remember your memories every time you look in your scrapbook.

How do I do scrapbook journaling?

Journaling On A Die Cut

To highlight your scrapbook journaling do it on a die-cut scrapbook frame or die cut frame. If you are journaling about the first time your daughter starred in a school play, journal on a die-cut of a star; if your son wants to be a fireman when he grows up, journal it on a fire engine die cut.

How do I do scrapbook journaling?

Scrapbook Journaling Ideas: Summary of the Year's Events

Leave the first left hand page or the last right hand page of your yearly family album blank until the end of the year. You can then use it to write a summary of the year's events. I use my Christmas newsletter for the bulk of my journaling. Add in any local or world news event that you think may be relevant. This is a great way to include your family as well. Have each member write part of the journaling page for their own special memories.

How do I do scrapbook journaling?

Art Journaling: Post Card Fun

Looking to add interest to scrapbook journaling? Pick up post cards of scenic views or famous landmarks on your trip, write something on the back right (over a nice coffee or on the tour bus) and mail it to yourself. This will get great shots into your album that you may not be able to capture with your camera, plus, on the spot journaling, a stamp and postmark. Mount using scrapbook photo mounting corners so you can read the back.

How do I do scrapbook journaling?

Scrapbook journaling: Using Autographs

If you plan to incorporate signatures into your scrapbook journaling, it is a good idea to have people sign on a separate piece of card stock. Make sure they sign with a pigma pen. This form of art journaling can be used in a variety of ways. Cut out borders on the signature and mat it like a photograph, as another way to embellish your page. This is a great way to scrapbook the cast of a school play or sports team.

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