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What is one suggestions for storing and organizing scrapbook tools?

Hang up Your Scrapbook Tools

Scrapbook organization is essential for any scrapbooking work space. An organized scrapping space will help you create your layouts more efficiently because you will be able to easily locate any supplies you may need for your pages. Scrapbook tools are the “heart” of your scrapbooking experience. Without the proper tools you will not be able to make beautiful pages to fill your scrapbook albums.

One creative way to store your scrapbook tools such as scissors, punches, a corner rounder, etc. is to use a hanging shoe organizer that will hang in the closet or behind the door. Since the plastic pockets are deep and clear they are easily seen. This type of organizer can also be used for stickers and adhesives, as well. Shoe organizers are available at your local department store or hardware store.

Another suggestion besides the typical plastic drawers for scrapbook tool organization is a kitchen tool caddy that rotates. You can stick the tools in the rotating caddy and have it on a shelf nearby. When you are scrapping, you can set it on the desk for easy access to all of your essential tools. The kitchen caddy can be purchased at any kitchen supply store or department store.

How can you quickly organize photos so you can have them ready to attach to your pages?

Organizing and Storing Your Photos

Getting those “special moments” ready to scrapbook can be a time-consuming process. The photos are one of the most important components of your scrapbook pages. Organizing your pictures so that you can easily mount them to your pages doesn't have to be difficult.

You can quickly organize photos into plastic sleeves until you are ready to attach them to your layouts. This way you can sort through your photos and determine which picture you want to use on your layouts. Another suggestion is to put pictures into Ziploc bags and label them with information about the event and what layout they will be attached to. Keep the bags together with your layouts so as soon you finish your pages, you can adhere the pictures.

Photographs can be stored in their original photo sleeves and put into boxes or you can purchase special “photo file” boxes that are made to hold photographs. When searching for something to store your photos in, you should make sure to get something that is photo-safe and acid-free so you can keep your photographs in good condition.

How can your protect your clear stamps?

Clear Stamps Storage

The popularity of clear or acrylic stamps is on the rise. These stamps are said to be more cost effective and are smaller and easier to store than bulky wood-mounted rubber stamps. Here are some suggestions for storing your clear stamps sets:

1. Store them in empty CD cases. Attach the stamps to the inside of the CD case and store them on CD racks or in a CD storage case. You can easily see through the plastic case to locate the stamps or they can be labeled for quick reference.

2. The stamps can also be stored in upright containers. Leave the stamps on their plastic carrier sheet in the original sleeve and store them in a stackable container.

3. Some clear stamps are subject to discoloration or the light may make them hard. A light-free container is another storage solution for clear stamps to protect them from damage. A simple shoe box or solid-colored plastic container will help keep the stamps in good working condition.

Storing clear and acrylic stamp sets in dry, sturdy containers will help keep them protected. Keeping your stamp sets organized and together will make it easier to enjoy the stamps and create your scrapbooking masterpieces.

What is an option for organizing 12x12 scrapbook paper?

Scrapbook Paper Storage and Organization

Experienced scrappers know that scrapbook paper is essential to the art of scrapbooking. Cardstock, patterned paper and specialty papers are just some of the types of papers used to create timeless pages for scrapbooks. There are several sizes of papers available, but the 12 x 12 scrapbook paper has become almost the industry standard. When storing your scrapbook paper, use something sturdy that will keep your papers laying or standing straight in order to prevent damage. There are several types of paper organizers to choose from; you can buy stackable trays, file drawers or metal racks.

Your storage solution will typically depend on how much paper you have. Stackable trays are perfect for 12 x 12 scrapbook paper storage. They can be stacked on wall shelves or on top of your desk. File drawers make good scrapbook paper organizers because they can be attached to your desk or you can buy freestanding files to have in your scrap room. Scrapbook paper racks also come in various sizes. You can purchase store size racks to accommodate a large paper collection or you can get small racks that will sit on shelves or in the corner of a desk.

Another option for paper storage is to buy a portable scrapbook storage tote with pop-out shelves or extra pockets for papers. All of these scrapbook storage solutions can be purchases at various scrapbook supply stores or craft stores in your area.

How should your store pens and markers?

Storing Scrapbook Pens and Markers

One of the most important things to remember when storing pens and markers is to store them horizontally so that the ink flows evenly. Most people may be inclined to buy containers that stand vertically, but storing them this way will make all the ink flow to one end. If the ink is at one end of the pen or marker they may not last as long or work as well. Storage drawers will allow the markers and pens to be stored horizontally. You can leave your markers in their original box and store them in a desk drawer or plastic organizer drawer.

Another suggestion is to buy a marker storage case that holds pens and markers; these cases are portable and make it easy to keep all of your coloring and writing utensils in the same place for quick access.

What is the best way to organize stickers?

Scrapbook Sticker Storage Solutions

The best way to store scrapbook stickers is to buy an organizer. There are sticker binders available with plastic sheets and pockets to fit your stickers so they can be protected and easily accessible. A sticker binder is probably the easiest solution for sticker organization. Your “little sticker book” doesn't have to be fancy; a regular 3-ring binder with plastic sheets or page protectors will do just fine. The binder will keep all of the stickers in one place.

These binders are also a great solution for storing die cuts and punch outs. You can go a step further and label your pages into categories so you can flip through the binder quickly and find the sticker or category you need for your layout.

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