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What will help clean and sharpen your scrapbook punches?

Caring for Your Scrapbook Punch Tools

Scrapbook punches should be sharp enough to punch through cardstock or other scrapbook papers. In order to get a clean punch, you can punch your craft punch through wax paper a couple of times before you cut through your scrapbook paper. The wax paper will help sharpen and clean your scrapbook punch.

Another material that will help keep your paper punches sharp is aluminum foil. Punch your craft punch through the foil several times to keep the edges sharp. If the aluminum foil is not doing the trick you can try very fine sand paper. Hold the punch right side up and upside down to sharpen both edges, be sure not to sand too much or push too hard on the metal.

If your scrapbook punch jams you can try putting it in the freezer. The cold will shrink the metal a little bit so you can get it lubricated. Wax paper is the best lubricant for your craft punches.

Keeping your scrapbooking punches clean, sharp and in working order will ensure perfect paper punch art for your scrapbooking layouts.

What is one suggestion for using a scrapbook punch?

Craft Punch Borders

The craft punch is an inexpensive scrapbook tool that can be used as an aid in creating scrapbook pages. Scrapbook punches are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some craft punches even come in sets with shapes for a specific theme. For example, you may be able to buy a set of alphabet paper punches. Craft punch art can be used on different elements of your scrapbook layouts. One suggestion for using a scrapbook punch is to decorate your scrapbook page border.

First, cut strips of cardstock the same width for all four sides of the page. Use the scrapbooking craft punch to make a repetitive pattern along the strips of paper. Once you have punched out your border, you can glue the strips around your scrapbook page base and you will have a finished page border ready for photos and embellishments.

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