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How much are die cutting machines?

Die Cut Machines: Which One is Right for You?

There are several scrapbook die cutting machines on the market that you can use right at home. They range in price from $70 to $500. Different types of die cut machines have different functions. In order to choose a machine that is right for your needs you will need to know the functions of the machines. Some of the most popular scrapbook die cutting machines used by avid scrappers are:

The Sizzix die cutting system easily cuts a variety of materials like paper, rubber and fabrics, using the Sizzix originals die cuts. The Sizzix machine has a handle you push down to cut your scrapbooking die cut shapes and letters. This die cutting machine is a great starter machine for beginning scrappers.

This computerize personal cutting system is a revolutionary die cutting machine that can cut almost any shape you can load on to your PC. It is portable and easy to use. The Xyron cuts shapes, fonts and images in 3 sizes.

Xyron Wishblade
The Wishblade, an upgrade of the original Xyron personal cutting system, is a computerized die cut machine that hooks to your personal home computer and uses computer software to electronically create different scrapbook die cuts. The Wishblade will cut any font you can find on your computer. Although this scrapbook die cutting machine costs approximately $450, most die cut enthusiasts say it is worth the investment.


The Cricut die cutting machine is an electric machine that uses cartridges for the die cuts and doesn't require a computer. The cartridges fit between two pads and the die cuts are cut out clean and easy. There are a variety of cartridges available and most scrappers agree this is a versatile, portable machine.


The Cuttlebug is one of the newest die cutting machines. This little scrapbook die cutter easily grips to your surface so you can cut your dies with ease. It will also emboss your dies with the click of a switch. The Cuttlebug is compatible with cartridges from most of the major brand scrapbook die cutters on the market. You can conveniently take the Cuttlebug die cut machine anywhere without bulk. The Cuttlebug will cut paper, chipboard, thin metal, mesh and more. This scrapbook die cutter has earned “rave” reviews from scrappers everywhere.

Personal cutting systems are a great addition to your scrapbook supplies. When you decide what system is best for your scrapbooking needs, you will be able to create many adorable die cuts for scrapbooking.

What can you use to decorate your die cuts?

Add Dimension with Die Cuts

You can use various die cuts on your scrapbook layouts to add dimension to your pages. Use the die cuts for shadowing; these work particularly well with letters. You can use one color of paper for the letter and another accent color in the background to create a shadow. You can layer different parts of the die cut image, such as flowers. The middle of the flower can be a separate piece from the main part of the flower. Another suggestion is to have a person with clothes layered on top of the body.

Decorating and coloring your die cuts can add appeal, too. Using markers, chalks and glitter will add some pizzazz to your die cut shapes. You can change the look of the die cuts just by adding something new.

There are so many variations for die cuts. Just use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.

What is a unique type of die cut?

Newsprint Die Cuts

If you are looking for a unique type of die cut to embellish your scrapbook layouts then newsprint die cuts could be the answer. Although newspapers and magazines are not printed on acid-free paper and are not recommended for scrapbook pages, you can use the newsprint words and rare bold-face fonts. Just copy the words and phrases you want to use on to an acid-free paper and then adorn your scrapbook creations. Finding new die cuts for scrapbooking layouts makes your pages even more appealing.

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