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How should you start to make your own scrapbook page kit?

Making Your Own Scrapbook Page Kits

If you are an organized scrapper or want to be, you can make your own scrapbook page kits. Have you ever had a really good idea for a page layout, but didn't have the time to make the page right away? You can instead choose to make your own quick scrapbook page kit and create your masterpiece later when you have more time.

Next time you have a wonderful scrapbook page layout idea sit down and briefly sketch out your scrapbook layout and make a list of materials you will need to complete it. If you have 10 or 15 minutes to spare, you can cut out your papers and maybe even put together your embellishments in one bag so you have the kit ready to go. Feeling really ambitious? Go a step further and include the photos you want to put on your scrapbook page and combine them with your scrapbook page kit. Then, when you are ready to scrap your layout you will have everything you need in one place and you will be able to get started.

Creating your own scrapbook page kit is just one time-saving scrapbook idea that will help you create timeless layouts to fill your keepsake albums.

What is one way to organize your scrapbook kits?

Organizing Scrapbook Club Kits

There are several companies that offer scrapbook clubs, where you subscribe to monthly scrapbooking kits. These clubs send you a specific scrapbook kit every month for a certain period of time.

How can you neatly and effectively organize these kits? The best way to organize the scrapbooking kits is to make sure you keep all the contents together. Scrapbook kits come with coordinating papers and accessories so you should keep it all together so you have a complete kit when you are ready to assemble your pages. Here are some suggestions for organizing your kits:

  • Pizza boxes. Large pizza boxes are the perfect size for 12 x 12 kits and smaller. You can easily stack the boxes and you may be able to get them from you local pizza restaurant for free or at minimal cost.
  • File Drawers. You can organize your kits by filing them into categories. Use scrapbook file drawers like Crop and Store storage files and cubes. These will keep your kits organized and in one place so they are easily accessible when you are ready to start scrapping.
  • Binders. Storing the scrapbooking kits in their original plastic bags in binders can also be another way to keep them organized. If you do choose that method, make sure you are storing your binders upright on a shelf so you are not damaging the kits contents.

What is included in scrapbooking kits for kids?

Scrapbook Page Kits for Kids

Scrapbooking kits for kids make a wonderful gift for a birthday or any occasion. Scrapbook starter kits are a wonderful way to introduce children to the art of scrapbooking. A scrapbook page kit can be purchased online and will guide kids in the right direction with instructions and ideas for completing their scrapbooking page layouts. There are many different types of kits designed especially for kids. Most of the “kids” scrapbooking kits also include an album; you get a complete scrapbook kit with all the supplies you need to start a scrapbook album. Let your children begin with a specific theme.

A school scrapbooking kit can be a perfect scrapbook page kit for school-aged children to start with. They can begin scrapping their school memories and have a school album of their own. The scrapbook making kit is a fun project for children of all ages.

Where can you buy photo calendar kits?

Scrapbooking Calendar Kits

There are several different types of ready-made calendar kits where the graphics and layouts are pre-printed and all you have to do is add your photos. You can buy these calendar kits or photo calendars at many scrapbook supply stores, craft stores and online at Oriental Trading or other retailers. Calendar kits come in different sizes and styles. You can make a full size 12 x 12 calendar, desk calendar or pocket calendar.

Scrapbook calendars make great gifts for all occasions. The pre-made calendars are a fun project for kids to complete, too. You can purchase a “make-your-own calendar kit” and let your kids design their own scrapbook calendar. Most of the scrapbook calendar kits are fairly inexpensive ranging from $7 to $15 per kit.

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