Scrapbooking Calendar Kits

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Where can you buy photo calendar kits?

Scrapbooking Calendar Kits

There are several different types of ready-made calendar kits where the graphics and layouts are pre-printed and all you have to do is add your photos. You can buy these calendar kits or photo calendars at many scrapbook supply stores, craft stores and online at Oriental Trading or other retailers. Calendar kits come in different sizes and styles. You can make a full size 12 x 12 calendar, desk calendar or pocket calendar.

Scrapbook calendars make great gifts for all occasions. The pre-made calendars are a fun project for kids to complete, too. You can purchase a “make-your-own calendar kit” and let your kids design their own scrapbook calendar. Most of the scrapbook calendar kits are fairly inexpensive ranging from $7 to $15 per kit.



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