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How can you start to prepare your wedding scrapbook?

Wedding Scrapbook: Prepare Ahead of Time

A wedding scrapbook is a wonderful keepsake to help remember that special day. You can start to prepare your wedding scrapbook ahead of time by planning sections and layouts so you can easily add photos as you receive them. For example, create scrapbook layouts for wedding showers, bachelor parties and wedding day photos ahead of time and make them photo-ready. Making pages and purchasing scrapbooking supplies in advance will enable you to create your layouts without being rushed.

This is great time-saving tip and a quick way to finish your wedding album so you will be able to record and preserve your precious memories while they are fresh in your mind.

What is the first thing to do when creating your wedding scrapbook?

How to Organize Your Wedding Scrapbook

Creating an elegant wedding scrapbook can be done with some beautiful scrapbooking supplies and a little planning. Scrapbooking your wedding is a great way to preserve that special day for yourself and future generations. Memories tend to fade through the years, but scrapbooks can help us relive our most cherished memories. The first thing to do when making a wedding scrapbook is to organize your photos and memorabilia.

Start by writing down everything you want to include in your scrapbook. Sort your pictures into categories such as:

  • Before the wedding. Include photos of when you were dating, your engagement, wedding shower, bachelor party and wedding rehearsal.

  • Wedding Day. Include pictures of the bride and groom, ceremony pictures, pictures of the church or where you were married, pictures of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, photos of the bride's family and groom's family.

  • Wedding Reception. These pictures should include decorations, reception guests, cutting the cake, gifts, the wedding toast, bouquet toss and decorated car photos.

  • Honeymoon. Photos of where you stayed, your hotel room, places you visited. You can also write down your thoughts and memories to include with the photos.

After you have organized your photos and scrapbooking supplies, you are ready to create your wedding scrapbook pages. One suggestion is to use colors that coordinate with your wedding colors and embellish with wedding memorabilia. Make your wedding scrapbook your own by adding your personal touch to every wedding scrapbook page.

What are some ideas of what to include in a wedding anniversary scrapbook?

Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook

If you know someone that is celebrating a big wedding anniversary, such as their 50th wedding anniversary, and you want to give them an extra special gift, why not create an anniversary scrapbook?

The 50th wedding anniversary is dubbed the “golden wedding anniversary,” so using the appropriate colors is a good start. When creating an anniversary scrapbook you need to make sure you have access to all kinds of photos. Here are some ideas of what to include in your anniversary scrapbook:

  • A copy of their wedding invitation

  • Photos of the couple at their wedding

  • Photos of the couple during each year of their marriage

  • Photos of their family at different stages during their lives

  • Photos of memorable family events and celebrations

  • Photos of holidays and vacations

  • Photos of the couple with their grandchildren

  • A copy of the wedding anniversary invitation

You can also add photos of the wedding anniversary celebration at a later date. Making a wedding anniversary memory album is a priceless gift for any couple. Your pages don't have to be elaborate, just elegant and simple. Make sure to add journaling or leave room for journaling on the pages so that the scrapbook album can tell a story of their lives.

What is one wedding scrapbook idea?

Wedding Scrapbook: Before the Wedding

One wedding scrapbook idea is to include a section or your lives before the wedding. You can display this portion of the scrapbook at your reception. Start with baby pictures of both the bride and the groom. Include a brief account of each person's life such as hobbies, interests, sports, anything that defines their personalities. Display photos of the bride and groom growing up, dating and end with your engagement photos. This “before the wedding” section of your wedding album will be a great beginning for a cherished wedding scrapbook.

How can you create a digital scrapbook slideshow?

Digital Scrapbook Slideshow

With a digital scrapbook slideshow, you can turn your precious wedding photographs into a movie/slideshow. By using digital photos or scanning your pictures, you can create a slideshow of photos on your computer using software like Microsoft PowerPoint or others. Choose the photos you want to use, add text and set to background music. The computer software allows you to determine how long you want the photo to be seen on the screen and the text will appear below the photograph so you can narrate your wedding story. This makes a wonderful gift and it is a fabulous way to share your wedding memories. These photo slideshows can be recorded on DVDs or you can share them through email.

Creating a digital slideshow wedding scrapbook is just one of the many ways to share your wedding memories with friends and family.


Untraditional Wedding Albums

Wedding albums don't have to be traditional. You should focus around your lives together and cater to your individual personalities. The album can include your lives before you were married. Include pictures of dates and memorable moments (assuming you photographed such things). Also include your spouse in the festivities. It doesn't have to be just one person who creates the scrapbook. You can make it a couples' activity, that way both of your personalities are represented in the scrapbook. Be sure to write down thoughts and feelings from both husband and wife.

You can have mementos and items such as the wedding invitation, napkin, or cards included right in your album. Scrapbook stores sell memory pockets for these kinds of items.


Wedding Memories

Wedding pictures are important images to preserve for future reference and generations to come. Creating a distinctive wedding album is essential. Focus your theme around your thoughts and the activities at your wedding. Be sure to record your feelings and the thoughts you had during your ceremony and the reception. These emotions will be fun to share with your spouse and to re-read as the years pass.

A wedding scrapbook would not be complete without pictures of the rings, walking down the isle, cutting and eating the cake, etc. Include pictures of the location and building where you were married. Of course you need pictures of the wedding party, mothers and fathers of the bride and groom. Don't forget to include a close up of the bouquet. Hopefully you will have lots of pictures to include in your wedding scrapbook so you can look back and remember that amazing day.


Wedding Scrapbook Color Combinations

When completing your wedding albums color is extremely important so that you can accentuate the photos. Most scrappers tend to use their “wedding colors” in their scrapbooks. While using these colors is a good idea, you might want to use some other colors to accent the wedding colors and add some variety to your page layouts.

If your colors were burgundy and green for instance, add some cream, light pink or yellow to accent the darker colors. Putting different colors together will give your layouts a distinct look and set them apart from other scrapbook pages.

Your wedding scrapbook should have elegance and charm. Adding embellishments as well as the right color scheme will make your wedding scrapbook even more appealing. Vellum paper is an option. Vellum has an elegant look and is easy to find. Eyelets, brads and ribbons are some embellishment suggestions for your pages. Floral patterns tend to match well with wedding décor, too. Choosing the right color scheme and determining paper and embellishment choices will get you on the right track to creating lasting wedding memories.


Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

Wedding scrapbooks are important. Everyone likes to remember their “wedding day”, where there was so much love and affection.

One wedding theme idea is to include marriage tips from more experienced individuals. Newly weds and couples in general usually need all the help they can get. Do an activity at the bridal shower and the bachelor party where married people write down tips on “how to stay married” and then take snap shots or have the individuals send you pictures of themselves and their spouses. With these tips and some little captions in your album it will be a unique reminder of happiness after the wedding. Plus, the advice can be used throughout your married life.

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