How to Organize Your Wedding Scrapbook

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What is the first thing to do when creating your wedding scrapbook?

How to Organize Your Wedding Scrapbook

Creating an elegant wedding scrapbook can be done with some beautiful scrapbooking supplies and a little planning. Scrapbooking your wedding is a great way to preserve that special day for yourself and future generations. Memories tend to fade through the years, but scrapbooks can help us relive our most cherished memories. The first thing to do when making a wedding scrapbook is to organize your photos and memorabilia.

Start by writing down everything you want to include in your scrapbook. Sort your pictures into categories such as:

  • Before the wedding. Include photos of when you were dating, your engagement, wedding shower, bachelor party and wedding rehearsal.

  • Wedding Day. Include pictures of the bride and groom, ceremony pictures, pictures of the church or where you were married, pictures of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, photos of the bride's family and groom's family.

  • Wedding Reception. These pictures should include decorations, reception guests, cutting the cake, gifts, the wedding toast, bouquet toss and decorated car photos.

  • Honeymoon. Photos of where you stayed, your hotel room, places you visited. You can also write down your thoughts and memories to include with the photos.

After you have organized your photos and scrapbooking supplies, you are ready to create your wedding scrapbook pages. One suggestion is to use colors that coordinate with your wedding colors and embellish with wedding memorabilia. Make your wedding scrapbook your own by adding your personal touch to every wedding scrapbook page.



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