Wedding Scrapbook Color Combinations

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Wedding Scrapbook Color Combinations

When completing your wedding albums color is extremely important so that you can accentuate the photos. Most scrappers tend to use their “wedding colors” in their scrapbooks. While using these colors is a good idea, you might want to use some other colors to accent the wedding colors and add some variety to your page layouts.

If your colors were burgundy and green for instance, add some cream, light pink or yellow to accent the darker colors. Putting different colors together will give your layouts a distinct look and set them apart from other scrapbook pages.

Your wedding scrapbook should have elegance and charm. Adding embellishments as well as the right color scheme will make your wedding scrapbook even more appealing. Vellum paper is an option. Vellum has an elegant look and is easy to find. Eyelets, brads and ribbons are some embellishment suggestions for your pages. Floral patterns tend to match well with wedding décor, too. Choosing the right color scheme and determining paper and embellishment choices will get you on the right track to creating lasting wedding memories.



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