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How do I scrapbook with my kids?

Scrapbook Craft for Kids Making One of a Kind Decorations

Kids scrapbooking projects offer a unique opportunity to include your child in the memory making process. Your child's drawing is more valuable, beautiful and personalized then standard dies cuts, stickers or other embellishments you can buy. Let your children's imagination run wild, and allow them to use your cardstock and pens on a regular basis. You may reap some wonderful, yet inexpensive page enhancements. You can just cut around the image and adhere it to their pages. Just make sure you use an appropriate scrapbooking adhesive so you don't ruin your kids scrapbooking pages.

Is crayons acid free, or safe to use to color embellishments? How about pastels?

Coloring Options for Scrapbooks

Crayons are acid-free. The main ingredient used in most crayons is beeswax or paraffin wax. The only downfall to using crayons is that because of the wax the color may fade or rub off onto your page protectors.

Pastels meaning oil-based chalks are not safe for your scrapbooks. They have toxic ingredients that can erode your paper and/or photos, but you can purchase archival-safe chalks that are made for scrapbooking.

Your best options are achivally safe markers, chalks and inks.

How do I scrapbook with my kids?

Kids Scrapbooking Kits

Themed scrapbooking kits can be a great way to streamline your kids scrapbooking projects. The kids scrapbooking kits include paper, embellishments, stickers and enough material to create at least 6 pages. It is a great scrapbook craft for kids as well. Since everything in the packs match, your kids can easily help design their own pages.

How do I scrapbook for my kids?

Make an Age Page for your Kid Scrapbooking project

Pick a time every year (birthday, new years, etc) and put together a page covering your child's likes and dislikes. Ideas of topics can include current news, cute or interesting things that your kid does, favorite food, colors, TV show, etc. This will build up into an interesting record of how your child and the times have changed. Include your youngster by having your kids scrapbook the page with you. Have them journal on the pages by selecting their likes and dislikes for the year. It's a great scrapbook craft for your kids to help you with.!

How do I scrapbook with my kids?

Kids scrapbook: Kids' Sports Albums

Scrapbooking for kids does not have to just be about their year in review. If your child plays sport of any type it is a good idea to start an album. You can record your child's statistics and use a variety of pictures, not just one's of them playing. You can include: child on field, in uniform with sports equipment, messing with team mates, having pizza after the game. Don't be afraid to ask other photographer's to share their pictures and make sure you share good ones you have taken their kids. You can incorporate tickets to sporting events, color copied news clippings if he/she makes the paper, any certificates achieved and if any trophies or medals are won you can incorporate these as well. You can take copies or use memorabilia pocket keepers to safely store them in your kids scrapbooking pages.

How do I scrapbook with my kids?

Kid Scrapbooking Project - Everlasting Hand Prints

There are several ways you can record your child's handprint in their scrapbook. One way is to use an archival ink pad. If you don't want to spend the money on one, try this alternative. Use your pigma ink pen that you would normally use for journaling. Scribble the ink on wax paper, or any other coated surface. Working fast, mix in a few drops of water, place your child's hand in the resulting wet ink and then stamp the child's hand onto a piece of cardstock. You could stamp right into your kids scrapbooking album, but this way makes it easier to fix a mistake. Be warned, pigma ink is hard to wash off skin and nearly impossible to wash out of fabric so make sure surfaces are protected appropriately.

Any ideas on scrapbooking for kids?

Ideas for kids

What's phenomenal about scrapbooking is that anyone of any age can participate. With children, you need to preview the materials and give simpler options. Kids can help categorize pictures by theme to make mini-books. They can write text to go along with the pictures. With stencils, even small children can crop and design their own pages. Don't water down the art of scrapbooking, just simplify!

How do I scrapbook with my kids?

Kid Scrapbooking Projects: Involving the whole family

Working on your kid's scrapbooking album is not something you should do alone. Even if the rest of your family does not share in your enthusiasm for this craft, it is still a great idea to ask the subjects of the photos their opinions. If the photos revolve around an activity favored by another family member then ask them to do the journaling. It will make the sharing of the kids scrapbooking albums all the more special if all the family has had input.

How do I scrapbook with my kids?

Toddler Friendly Kids Scrapbooking Pages

Don't leave your toddler out of the kids scrapbooking fun. A nice idea is to get copies done of his or her favorite scrapbook pages and have them laminated then round the corners so that are not sharp and store them in a D-ring folder. This gives them their very own toddler friendly kid scrapbook to play with!

How do I scrapbook with my kids?

Kid scrapbooking projects: Making Unique Backgrounds

If you are looking for a way to personalize your kids scrapbooking pages, have them draw the page background. This is a great idea for personalizing portraits. Let them loose with pigma pens and acid free paper. You can single or double mount the portrait on the appropriate color mounting paper and place it on the page.

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