Coloring Options for Scrapbooks

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Is crayons acid free, or safe to use to color embellishments? How about pastels?

Coloring Options for Scrapbooks

Crayons are acid-free. The main ingredient used in most crayons is beeswax or paraffin wax. The only downfall to using crayons is that because of the wax the color may fade or rub off onto your page protectors.

Pastels meaning oil-based chalks are not safe for your scrapbooks. They have toxic ingredients that can erode your paper and/or photos, but you can purchase archival-safe chalks that are made for scrapbooking.

Your best options are achivally safe markers, chalks and inks.



7/18/2008 2:52:26 AM
Sheryl/callahanianscrapper said:

Hello to all reading this. The best chalks for scrapbooking and card making is "The Stencil Collection" chalks, they have a 32pc. & 48pc. set. They are great, no smearing, and no need of a "fixative", it is already in them! I'm telling you, they are superb! Hope this helps you.


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