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Finding the Ideal Scrapbooking Class for Your Child

Scrapbooking can preserve those once-in-a-lifetime memories through themed picture albums. You can hold on to these keepsakes for yourself or give them as a fantastic and treasured gift. If you have creative children that like hands-on arts and crafts, consider enrolling them in a scrapbooking class. Here are some tips for engaging and indulging your child's creative side.

1. Look to crafts stores - The chances are high that you have an arts and crafts store somewhere in your local area. If you do, you can ask about the scrapbooking classes that the store may offer kids. Call, look online, or visit in person to sign your child up for the class.

2. Try an online course - If you want to keep this hobby among the family, you can always learn plenty of new tricks and techniques online. Many websites and even courses exist to expand your scrapbooking knowledge.

3. Find a club - You may even find a hobbyist club in your area. You can use online searches, social media, and the newspaper to find these groups near you. This way, your child can learn a new hobby and make friends at the same time.

4. Create your own club - If the interest is high enough, you can of course create your own club. You can decide to host scrapbooking classes out of your home or you can rent a space. Your children can invite their friends and classmates to join.


How to Find the Best Scrapbooking Conventions

Scrapbooking expos and conventions are a great way to get inspired and to connect with other people that are doing exciting stuff. At these conventions you'll find cheap classes and seminars, find great materials and resources for making your craft, and you'll rub shoulders with influential people who can give you feedback.

Here are a few of the best scrapbook conventions to keep an eye out for:

Scrapbook Expo

Easily one of the best conventions, the Scrapbook Expo will get you caught up on the latest and most innovative scrapbooking methods and tips. They have excellent workshops and classes taught by the best in the craft. Complete with contests, hands on events, make and take swamps and more, this is not an event you'll want to miss out on.

Stamp Scrap Art Tour

This Tour goes through several locations across the US and is a great way to reconnect with your scrapbooking passion and to inspire new ideas to stoke the flame of inspiration. Here you'll walk away with great ideas and wonderful memories that you'll take with you into your hobby. Keep an eye out when it comes by your town.

Stamp and Scrapfest

Exhibitors will be presenting here from all over the country. Come and see all of the latest techniques and ideas that are floating around. There will be product demonstrations, technique demonstrations and a Make & Take. Door prizes will be held and there will be a Gran Prize drawing every day.

Heirloom Productions Rubber Stamp & Paper Art Festivals

This event has been going on since its debut in 1993 and has steadily grown ever since. One of the leading events for rubber stamp and paper arts festivals throughout the US, those putting on this event strive for to provide an absolutely unforgettable experience.


The Top 5 Scrapbooking Apps

Scrapbooking has become a popular hobby allowing enthusiasts to creatively capture and showcase their most precious moments. Now scrapbookers can digitally create their albums using these top 5 scrapbooking apps that make it easier than ever to get the job done.

1. ScrapPad on iPhone

An essential app for scrapbookers, ScrapPad provides users with a host of options that include adding or moving pictures, embellishments, and text with just the click of a button. Pictures can be easily decorated using a plethora of frames, font styles, and sizing options.

2. OutColor on iPhone

With this state of the art app you'll be able to turn your photographs into 3-dimensional art by utilizing the included depth feature. Unlike many scrapbooking apps, OutColor allows you to adjust the background, foreground, and shadowing of your pictures.

3. Moonboard Pro on iPhone

With this unique app you can quickly design your scrapbook after importing your images and text. Simply organize your pages with the user friendly design before sharing your work with friends by email.

4. Skrappy on iPhone

If you're looking for a scrapbooking app that offers all the bells and whistles, give Skrappy a try. The app provides you with preset themes and clipart and allows you to import anything from music to photos with just the click of a button.

5. Pic Collage on Android or iPhone

Bring your scrapbooking ideas to life by using Pic Collage to create the perfect design. This clever app provides you with an array of layouts and clip art so you can fully customize your scrapbook. Just upload your favorite photos and within minutes you'll be ready to start creating your design.


Scrapbook Like These Celebrities

Scrapbooking is an addicting hobby that allows you to create something beautiful. It is also a very popular hobby, as evidenced in materials specific to the craft being found in chain department stores and by the large attendance at craft and supply fairs.

And we regular folks aren’t the only ones who scrapbook. Celebrities want to showcase their memories too! Here are 5 celebrities who scrapbook:

Paris Hilton

Pairs Hilton came out with a line of crafting supplies such as glitzy paper and blingy stickers called the Creativity Collection. Very vibrant, very flashy, and very fun.

Nancy O’Dell

Nancy O’Dell, who has been scrapbooking for years, is launching a line with Creative Memories. This TV host and journalist patterned the hobby after her mother who enjoyed spending hours on the craft as well. Inspired by her daughter, Ashby Grace, this line focuses on baby books.

Britney Spears

She's been caught by paparazzi browsing the supply shelves in Sweetpeas and Snapshots in Los Angeles, outting Britney Spears as a bonafide scrapbooker.

Trista Sutter

This star of the first “Bachelorette” show uses digital scrapbooking to preserve her memories.

Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell is a very crafty soul. She enjoys lots of different crafts, including memory keeping and journaling. She has a new book with craft ideas called “Crafty U”.


Ten Signs You Might Be a Scrapbook Addict

You know you’re a scrapbook addict when:

1. you decide what to wear each day based on what colors will coordinate with the scrapbook paper you plan to use to make today’s “a day in the life of” layout.

2. you get in a car accident and your first thought is, “Oh goody! This is the perfect excuse to go to the scrapbook store and buy more paper, stickers and punches!”

3. you beg your husband to take you camping so you can use those adorable camping stickers you just got even though you hate camping.

4. your family frequently eats off of TV trays in the living room because the kitchen table is covered in your scrapbooking supplies.

5. you made your wedding or baby registry at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

6. the only thing you have ever lied to your husband about is how much money you spend on scrapbooking supplies each week.

7. you go on a long trip only to realize you forgot your son’s diapers but remembered your camera and scrapbooking supplies.

8. you plan your children's birthday party themes around the coordinating stickers and pretty paper you have already purchased for your scrapbook.

9. you consider having more children just so you don’t have to waste your adorable baby themed papers and stickers.

10. the only time you consider stopping buying so many scrapbooking supplies is when you realize you’ve run out of places to hide them from your husband. Then, you find new hiding places and keep buying.


3 Things to Consider When Selecting the Right Scrapbooking Class for You

Scrapbooking classes can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to learn new tips and techniques, but you also get to make new friends and catch up on your scrapbooking. However, the key to having a blast at a scrapbooking class is finding the right class for you. Here are three things to consider.

1. What You Want to Learn

Not all scrapbooking classes teach the same concepts. Start by figuring out what you would like to learn more about. You may want to learn basic scrapbooking tips and tricks or you may prefer to learn advanced photography for scrapbookers.

2. What Classes are Available

You will also want to consider which classes are even available to you. There are several places where you can find scrapbooking classes. See if your local scrapbooking store, community center or community college might be offering classes. If you cannot find the type of class you are looking for at a location near you, you can always look on the Internet for online classes and tutorials.

3. Which Style You Admire

Scrapbookers are a creative bunch, and all scrapbookers have their own unique style. When looking for a class, consider the style of the person teaching it and try to find a teacher whose style is similar to yours or whose style you admire.

Scrapbook classes are always fun no matter which one you attend, but you will get the most out of it if you find the one that is right for you.

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