Ten Signs You Might Be a Scrapbook Addict

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Ten Signs You Might Be a Scrapbook Addict

You know you’re a scrapbook addict when:

1. you decide what to wear each day based on what colors will coordinate with the scrapbook paper you plan to use to make today’s “a day in the life of” layout.

2. you get in a car accident and your first thought is, “Oh goody! This is the perfect excuse to go to the scrapbook store and buy more paper, stickers and punches!”

3. you beg your husband to take you camping so you can use those adorable camping stickers you just got even though you hate camping.

4. your family frequently eats off of TV trays in the living room because the kitchen table is covered in your scrapbooking supplies.

5. you made your wedding or baby registry at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

6. the only thing you have ever lied to your husband about is how much money you spend on scrapbooking supplies each week.

7. you go on a long trip only to realize you forgot your son’s diapers but remembered your camera and scrapbooking supplies.

8. you plan your children's birthday party themes around the coordinating stickers and pretty paper you have already purchased for your scrapbook.

9. you consider having more children just so you don’t have to waste your adorable baby themed papers and stickers.

10. the only time you consider stopping buying so many scrapbooking supplies is when you realize you’ve run out of places to hide them from your husband. Then, you find new hiding places and keep buying.



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