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How can your buy scrapbooking sticker at a discount?

Money Saving Tips for Purchasing Stickers

Scrapbooking stickers and other scrapbook supplies can be expensive to buy. Wholesale scrapbooking stickers are one option to saving some money on your scrapbook sticker purchases.

Another option is to buy seasonal stickers after the season has passed. For example, you can get Christmas-themed stickers on clearance after Christmas or buy Easter stickers when Easter is over.

There are several options for saving money on your scrapbooking sticker purchases. Use your imagination and watch the savings add up.

How can you use letter stickers on your scrapbook pages?

Tips for Letter Stickers

Letter stickers are one of the most commonly used scrapbooking stickers. These stickers can be used for page titles, names, journaling, etc. If you are using letter stickers for your page title and you want the words to be straight across your page, follow these instructions:

Line up your letter or alphabet sticker on a piece of wax paper using a ruler. Carefully peel away the wax paper while adhering the letters to your title bar or scrapbook paper. The end result should be a straight line of letters across your page.

Another letter sticker suggestion is to use blocks of paper and stick single letters in the middle of each block to spell out a name or title. You can layer alphabet stickers on top of cardstock letters to create shadowing or dimension on your page layouts.

Letter stickers can be used in so many ways on your scrapbook page. Keep your “wheels turning” and you will come up with many ideas for your letter stickers.

What are some good scrapbooking techniques?

Scrapbooking Techniques: Sticker Art

Working with scrapbook stickers can be tricky. You want to make your design is laid out properly before you adhere them to the pages. An easy scrapbook technique is to lay out your design on wax paper or plastic wrap. As wax paper and plastic wrap are transparent, you can move it around over the page and get some idea of where the art will look best before having to commit.


Letter Stickers

Letter stickers make it easy to design titles and headers for your scrapbook pages. These little scrapbooking stickers are great to add appeal to your page layouts. The downfall of letter scrapbooking stickers is that it is sometimes hard to get them straight and even on your page. A quick and simple way to get your words and phrases straight on your pages is to use a ruler. Gently stick the letters on the straight edge of your ruler, place the ruler on your page in the exact place you want your word to appear and press down on the letters so the tops of the letters stick to your page, then flip the ruler over to release the letters and finish adhering them to your page. Most letters stickers are fragile so be careful not to bend the letters when you flip your ruler.

By using a ruler you can also measure your spacing so your letters and words are evenly spaced on your scrapbook page.


Correcting Sticker Placement Mistakes

Even the most experienced scrapbookers can make mistakes. Stickers on scrapbook pages tend to be unforgiving once they are placed on your page. If you mistakenly place a sticker in the wrong place on your layout don't despair, you do have some correction options.

Here are some suggestions for fixing your sticker mistakes.

Use Un Du or another brand of adhesive remover and gently peel your sticker from the page being careful not to damage the paper or the sticker.

Gently peel your sticker up and use an adhesive eraser to remove any residue. This technique might ruin the sticker, but usually doesn't damage the layout.

Cover your sticker with a larger sticker or embellishment.

Cover your sticker with a square of coordinating paper. The key is to make it look intentional.

Correcting your sticker mistakes can spark new ideas and get your creativity flowing. Your page layouts can look fabulous even if you do make a few mistakes along the way.


Make Your Own Stickers

Sticker makers are a popular item among scrappers. With this little machine you can create one-of-a-kind stickers to decorate you scrapbook pages. If you have a particular theme in mind and don't have embellishments to match you can get online and find the images you need to complete your layout. Sticker lovers everywhere should own a sticker maker.

For example if you are doing a scrapbook page for a school or graduation then you can include a picture of the mascot simply by scanning the image from school memorabilia or getting it off the school website and printing it from your computer. You can also include pictures of the school building and the campus. By using your computer you can enlarge or reduce the size of your image.

Computer software with clip art and scrapbook art is also available for purchase. Having your own sticker maker can open up many possibilities when it comes to your scrapbooking pages.

How can you use Stickopotamus stickers for crafts?

Crafting With Stickopotamus Stickers

Let your children customize their own treasure box. Kids like to craft and they love to collect “little treasures.” Why not customize a plain wooden box into keepsake box that can house all of their “prized possessions”?

Here is what you will need:

Wooden box (your desired size)

Acrylic paint (your choice of colors)

Stickopotamus stickers

Patterned paper

Modge Podge (to decoupage your embellishments on the box)

First paint the entire box with your color choice. Then decorate the keepsake box with Stickopotamus stickers, patterned paper, rub-ons, metal letters etc. You can choose several embellishments to adorn your box. Stickompotamus stickers are easy to use and simple for little ones to place on the box. After you have decorated your box then use the modge podge to seal the embellishments and let dry completely. Metal closures or small pad locks can be used to keep treasures safe and secure.

How can I use stickers in scrapbooking?

Handling Your Scrapbooking Stickers

If you are going to use only a portion of a sticker (or stickers sheet) on your page, cut it away, backing and all, before peeling it off. Set aside a baggie or pocket for your partial scrapbooking stickers so they can be used later.

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