Make Your Own Stickers

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Make Your Own Stickers

Sticker makers are a popular item among scrappers. With this little machine you can create one-of-a-kind stickers to decorate you scrapbook pages. If you have a particular theme in mind and don't have embellishments to match you can get online and find the images you need to complete your layout. Sticker lovers everywhere should own a sticker maker.

For example if you are doing a scrapbook page for a school or graduation then you can include a picture of the mascot simply by scanning the image from school memorabilia or getting it off the school website and printing it from your computer. You can also include pictures of the school building and the campus. By using your computer you can enlarge or reduce the size of your image.

Computer software with clip art and scrapbook art is also available for purchase. Having your own sticker maker can open up many possibilities when it comes to your scrapbooking pages.



6/19/2006 1:16:15 AM
Shawna Warner said:

I have used the Xyron Magic Sticker Maker for a few years, now, and I love it!! I can take my die-cuts with all of the tiny details (like kitten whiskers) and put acid-free adhesive on the entire surface without fighting with tabs, applicators, or scissors.
I also use it for my kids, they can choose the photos for their albums, notebooks, or decorations, and I can apply sticker backing without worrying abour them getting sticky stuff everywhere!
I highly reccomend having one!


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