Tips for Letter Stickers

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How can you use letter stickers on your scrapbook pages?

Tips for Letter Stickers

Letter stickers are one of the most commonly used scrapbooking stickers. These stickers can be used for page titles, names, journaling, etc. If you are using letter stickers for your page title and you want the words to be straight across your page, follow these instructions:

Line up your letter or alphabet sticker on a piece of wax paper using a ruler. Carefully peel away the wax paper while adhering the letters to your title bar or scrapbook paper. The end result should be a straight line of letters across your page.

Another letter sticker suggestion is to use blocks of paper and stick single letters in the middle of each block to spell out a name or title. You can layer alphabet stickers on top of cardstock letters to create shadowing or dimension on your page layouts.

Letter stickers can be used in so many ways on your scrapbook page. Keep your “wheels turning” and you will come up with many ideas for your letter stickers.



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