Correcting Sticker Placement Mistakes

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Correcting Sticker Placement Mistakes

Even the most experienced scrapbookers can make mistakes. Stickers on scrapbook pages tend to be unforgiving once they are placed on your page. If you mistakenly place a sticker in the wrong place on your layout don't despair, you do have some correction options.

Here are some suggestions for fixing your sticker mistakes.

Use Un Du or another brand of adhesive remover and gently peel your sticker from the page being careful not to damage the paper or the sticker.

Gently peel your sticker up and use an adhesive eraser to remove any residue. This technique might ruin the sticker, but usually doesn't damage the layout.

Cover your sticker with a larger sticker or embellishment.

Cover your sticker with a square of coordinating paper. The key is to make it look intentional.

Correcting your sticker mistakes can spark new ideas and get your creativity flowing. Your page layouts can look fabulous even if you do make a few mistakes along the way.



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