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What is a mini recipe scrapbook idea?

Desktop Recipe Scrapbooks

You can create a desktop mini recipe scrapbook by using an everyday card file box. This easy-to-create mini album makes a perfect gift for friends and family. First, type your recipes and resize them to fit on an address card. You can make your own address cards by using a Rolodex punch at the bottom of your paper.

The best way to assemble the scrapbooking cookbooks is to print out your recipes on patterned paper and cut them down to size, paste them front and back on to your address card, then add some small scrapbooking embellishments. You can split the card into categories by simply attaching a tab at the tip of a divider card. Next, make a title card and you are finished.

These mini recipe scrapbooks can be a reference to favorite family recipes, kid-friendly recipes, etc.

What is one idea for a recipe scrapbook?

Heirloom Recipe Books

Give your recipe scrapbook some old-fashioned charm with an heirloom-style design. Start with a 6 x 6 album from any craft store; they will typically run you about $6. Then, cut your cardstock into 6 x 6 pieces and attach your typed recipes. Now, its time to decorate! Use old postcards, wrapping paper, postage stamps, newspaper clippings, old photos, music, etc. To make your "recipes to remember" scrapbook even more interesting, you can include food-related tidbits from magazines or newspapers and food history information and stories. You can buy vintage-style scrapbook paper and embellishments if you don't have access to the other decorative items listed above.

Another suggestion is to be creative with your scrapbook recipe book pages. You can create pocket pages where the recipe can be removed. Or, print your recipes on decorative tags to create some movement on your pages. Scrapbooking family recipes can be so much fun.

Once you have produced one of these 6 x 6 heirloom albums you will be hooked and want to continue scrapping more books. Use these recipe cookbooks for Christmas gifts, wedding gifts or any occasion.

What is one of the easiest ways to make a recipe scrapbook?

Favorite Family Recipes

Recipe scrapbooks are becoming popular in the scrapbooking community. The easiest way to create recipe scrapbooks is to use digital scrapbooking software. With the computer-generated recipe scrapbook, you can easily type your recipes on the computer and copy and paste it onto your recipe scrapbook pages.

When organizing your family recipe scrapbook you should first determine what kinds of recipes you want to include, then decide on the food categories and then proceed to gather recipes from your family members. Once you have collected all of the recipes you need for your family recipe scrapbook, you can categorize them into appetizers, soups and salads, main dishes, desserts, etc. After the recipes are organized it is time to proceed with the design of your scrapbook pages. Digital scrapbooking offers a variety of fonts, die cuts and embellishments.

One big advantage to making recipe scrapbooks digitally is that you can print several copies to give to your family members.

What is a gift idea for a wedding shower recipe book?

Wedding Shower Recipe Scrapbook

Recipe scrapbooks don't have to be full of food recipes. One idea for a wedding shower gift is create a “recipe for a happy marriage” recipe scrapbook. In this unique recipe book, you can include tips and advice from family members, wedding shower guests, experts, etc.

Buy a 6 x 6 album and have each guest at the wedding shower decorate their own scrapbook page and include their marriage advice on the page. You can go a step further and take photos of the advisor and put them on the page next to their marriage tips.

This creative recipe scrapbook will be a priceless reference book for many years to come.

What is a recipe scrapbook?

Heirloom Recipe Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking is not just for photographs. There are various types of scrapbooks and many items that can be included in your memory books. A keepsake cookbook is a scrapbook idea for cherished family recipes that have been passed down through the generations. In order to create recipe scrapbooks, you will need to do a few things ahead of time so you will have all the materials to assemble your cookbooks. There are many different themes that can be used when creating recipe scrapbooks. You can title it “Favorite Family Recipes”, “Grandmas Secret Recipes”, “Recipes Through the Generations”, etc. There can also be more specialized themes such as “Cake Recipes”, “Scrumptious Desserts”, “Christmas Recipes”, etc.

First, gather all the recipes and type them on your computer for easy access. Decide the size of your recipe scrapbooks; a 6 x 6 is a friendly size of book, but you can make any size work. Print the individual recipes onto white cardstock (acid-free/lignin-free). Then, decide how you are going to categorize your recipe scrapbooks. For example, group them under appetizers, breads, soups and salads, desserts, etc. Now, choose your paper and color combinations for your cookbook. It might be a good idea to use a different color for each category in order to separate the sections. Once you have decided how to divide your recipe scrapbooks, make sure to include a table of contents for easy access to certain recipe favorites.

After you have gathered the recipes, determined the size of your book, printed the recipes, picked your colors and bought your supplies then you are ready to assemble your book. It is a good idea to include pictures (family memories) in your book so it can be a personalized recipe scrapbook. You can make a two-page layout for each recipe and on one page include the recipe with some embellishments then on the other page have a special picture of a person, a family memory or special event

What comes in a recipe scrapbook kit?

Recipe Scrapbook Kits

Recipe scrapbooking is a unique way of organizing your recipes into one book for quick reference. There are many ways to make a recipe scrapbook. Recipe scrapbook kits are a convenient avenue for making a “recipes to remember" scrapbook. Recipe scrapbook kits come with all the materials you need to create your own recipe scrapbook. These kits typically include supplies like food scrapbook paper, food scrapbook stickers, page borders, plastic page protectors and some related embellishments. Recipe scrapbook kits are a quick way to create a cooking scrapbook for you or as a gift for someone else. The kits make it easy to reproduce the same recipe book for several people.

What are some fun scrapbooking themes?

Cookbook scrapbook theme: Using Old Handwritten Recipes

If you are lucky enough to be compiling your scrapbook themed album from old hand-written recipes then consider having the originals color copied onto acid and lignin free paper for your pages. A color laser copy will keep better and be safer to use near photos. Old hand-written recipes can tend to end up covered with all sorts of food splatters and there is no way of knowing what sort of ink has been used. Make the last page of the album into a pocket page for storage of the originals so they are kept safe.

What are some fun scrapbooking themes?

Cookbook scrapbook theme: Extra Touches

If hand-written recipes are the meat and potatoes of a good recipe scrapbook theme album, then once you have started gathering them, it is time to consider what you will add for dessert and garnish. One of the great aspects of scrapbooking themes is you get to be creative in your embellishments. The perfect scrapbook album should feature anecdotes, stories and photos of the people and dishes you have chosen to record. For garnish you could add photos of final dishes or labels from key ingredients. There are lots of scrapbook theme stickers on the market today that would be perfect for a cooking scrapbook.

What are some fun scrapbooking themes?

Cookbook scrapbook theme - Plan For Expansion

Cooking scrapbooks should be easy to add to as you develop more recipes. To make this unique scrapbook theme easy to expand, here are a few useful suggestions. Only put one recipe on a page, and use a scrapbook album that is easy to add to. This is a great use for the smaller 8x8 scrapbook albums.

What are some fun scrapbooking themes?

Cookbook scrapbook theme: Gathering Your Recipes

Are your favorite recipes specialities of specific family members? Hand them a pigma pen and some acid/ignin free paper and ask for a copy of the recipe in their own hand writing. Hand written recipes are the meat and potatoes of a good recipe scrapbooking theme album. Of course, collecting your own special recipes in hand-written form should not be a problem. Don't be tempted to use a computer for printing. Original handwriting is important.

What are some fun scrapbooking themes?

Cookbook scrapbook theme: Alphabetical Format

For a simple recipe scrapbook theme , assemble your recipes in alphabetical order. Place a nice heading above each one, write a brief line about the author or/and circumstances in which the dish is usually served, mount the recipe on photo mounting paper and if you wish use some of the cookingtheme stickers that are available to decorate.

What are some fun scrapbooking themes?

Cookbook scrapbook theme: Family Member Format

Cookbook scrapbook themes can be broken down into 'sub themes'. If you have several recipes that have been pitched in by various family members, then divide them up according to their author. If possible, have a photo of the author with their favorite dish and journal some information about them and why their recipes have been included. Decorate according to each member's speciality. Mount the recipes and photo(s) in co-ordinating colors. If Uncle Ed's speciality is barbecue then use red and brown card along with barbecue die cuts and stickers to enhance his pages.

What are some fun scrapbooking themes?

Cookbook scrapbook theme - Plan for two albums

If you have a collection of family recipes that you would like to preserve, consider a cookbook scrapbook theme for your album. If they are recipes that you will use over and over then plan to make a bookshelf album and a kitchen album. You don't have to make two albums, just make color copies of your pages and slip them into page protectors and put in a three ring binder. Choosing a smaller format,such as an8" x 8" album will make copying less expensive. This way, you have an album to use in your kitchen, and one you can preserve with your other scrapbook theme albums.

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