Desktop Recipe Scrapbooks

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What is a mini recipe scrapbook idea?

Desktop Recipe Scrapbooks

You can create a desktop mini recipe scrapbook by using an everyday card file box. This easy-to-create mini album makes a perfect gift for friends and family. First, type your recipes and resize them to fit on an address card. You can make your own address cards by using a Rolodex punch at the bottom of your paper.

The best way to assemble the scrapbooking cookbooks is to print out your recipes on patterned paper and cut them down to size, paste them front and back on to your address card, then add some small scrapbooking embellishments. You can split the card into categories by simply attaching a tab at the tip of a divider card. Next, make a title card and you are finished.

These mini recipe scrapbooks can be a reference to favorite family recipes, kid-friendly recipes, etc.



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