Letter Stickers

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Letter Stickers

Letter stickers make it easy to design titles and headers for your scrapbook pages. These little scrapbooking stickers are great to add appeal to your page layouts. The downfall of letter scrapbooking stickers is that it is sometimes hard to get them straight and even on your page. A quick and simple way to get your words and phrases straight on your pages is to use a ruler. Gently stick the letters on the straight edge of your ruler, place the ruler on your page in the exact place you want your word to appear and press down on the letters so the tops of the letters stick to your page, then flip the ruler over to release the letters and finish adhering them to your page. Most letters stickers are fragile so be careful not to bend the letters when you flip your ruler.

By using a ruler you can also measure your spacing so your letters and words are evenly spaced on your scrapbook page.



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