Crafting With Stickopotamus Stickers

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How can you use Stickopotamus stickers for crafts?

Crafting With Stickopotamus Stickers

Let your children customize their own treasure box. Kids like to craft and they love to collect “little treasures.” Why not customize a plain wooden box into keepsake box that can house all of their “prized possessions”?

Here is what you will need:

Wooden box (your desired size)

Acrylic paint (your choice of colors)

Stickopotamus stickers

Patterned paper

Modge Podge (to decoupage your embellishments on the box)

First paint the entire box with your color choice. Then decorate the keepsake box with Stickopotamus stickers, patterned paper, rub-ons, metal letters etc. You can choose several embellishments to adorn your box. Stickompotamus stickers are easy to use and simple for little ones to place on the box. After you have decorated your box then use the modge podge to seal the embellishments and let dry completely. Metal closures or small pad locks can be used to keep treasures safe and secure.



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