Kids scrapbook: Kids' Sports Albums

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How do I scrapbook with my kids?

Kids scrapbook: Kids' Sports Albums

Scrapbooking for kids does not have to just be about their year in review. If your child plays sport of any type it is a good idea to start an album. You can record your child's statistics and use a variety of pictures, not just one's of them playing. You can include: child on field, in uniform with sports equipment, messing with team mates, having pizza after the game. Don't be afraid to ask other photographer's to share their pictures and make sure you share good ones you have taken their kids. You can incorporate tickets to sporting events, color copied news clippings if he/she makes the paper, any certificates achieved and if any trophies or medals are won you can incorporate these as well. You can take copies or use memorabilia pocket keepers to safely store them in your kids scrapbooking pages.



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