Scrapbook Craft for Kids Making One of a Kind Decorations

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How do I scrapbook with my kids?

Scrapbook Craft for Kids Making One of a Kind Decorations

Kids scrapbooking projects offer a unique opportunity to include your child in the memory making process. Your child's drawing is more valuable, beautiful and personalized then standard dies cuts, stickers or other embellishments you can buy. Let your children's imagination run wild, and allow them to use your cardstock and pens on a regular basis. You may reap some wonderful, yet inexpensive page enhancements. You can just cut around the image and adhere it to their pages. Just make sure you use an appropriate scrapbooking adhesive so you don't ruin your kids scrapbooking pages.



3/4/2007 4:32:25 PM
hilary said:

this is a great idea my child is only eight and now she loves to scrapbook thanks to you guys you're the best there can be thank you

p.s the only problem is it cost more now with two people


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