Wedding Scrapbook: Before the Wedding

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What is one wedding scrapbook idea?

Wedding Scrapbook: Before the Wedding

One wedding scrapbook idea is to include a section or your lives before the wedding. You can display this portion of the scrapbook at your reception. Start with baby pictures of both the bride and the groom. Include a brief account of each person's life such as hobbies, interests, sports, anything that defines their personalities. Display photos of the bride and groom growing up, dating and end with your engagement photos. This “before the wedding” section of your wedding album will be a great beginning for a cherished wedding scrapbook.



10/3/2007 11:13:04 AM
Beginnger Scrapbooking said:

This is a great idea for a bridal shower too. You could get the guests to each bring in a picture of the bride as she was growing up to add to the album.


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