Digital Scrapbook Slideshow

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How can you create a digital scrapbook slideshow?

Digital Scrapbook Slideshow

With a digital scrapbook slideshow, you can turn your precious wedding photographs into a movie/slideshow. By using digital photos or scanning your pictures, you can create a slideshow of photos on your computer using software like Microsoft PowerPoint or others. Choose the photos you want to use, add text and set to background music. The computer software allows you to determine how long you want the photo to be seen on the screen and the text will appear below the photograph so you can narrate your wedding story. This makes a wonderful gift and it is a fabulous way to share your wedding memories. These photo slideshows can be recorded on DVDs or you can share them through email.

Creating a digital slideshow wedding scrapbook is just one of the many ways to share your wedding memories with friends and family.



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