Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook

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What are some ideas of what to include in a wedding anniversary scrapbook?

Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook

If you know someone that is celebrating a big wedding anniversary, such as their 50th wedding anniversary, and you want to give them an extra special gift, why not create an anniversary scrapbook?

The 50th wedding anniversary is dubbed the “golden wedding anniversary,” so using the appropriate colors is a good start. When creating an anniversary scrapbook you need to make sure you have access to all kinds of photos. Here are some ideas of what to include in your anniversary scrapbook:

  • A copy of their wedding invitation

  • Photos of the couple at their wedding

  • Photos of the couple during each year of their marriage

  • Photos of their family at different stages during their lives

  • Photos of memorable family events and celebrations

  • Photos of holidays and vacations

  • Photos of the couple with their grandchildren

  • A copy of the wedding anniversary invitation

You can also add photos of the wedding anniversary celebration at a later date. Making a wedding anniversary memory album is a priceless gift for any couple. Your pages don't have to be elaborate, just elegant and simple. Make sure to add journaling or leave room for journaling on the pages so that the scrapbook album can tell a story of their lives.



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