Organizing and Storing Your Photos

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How can you quickly organize photos so you can have them ready to attach to your pages?

Organizing and Storing Your Photos

Getting those “special moments” ready to scrapbook can be a time-consuming process. The photos are one of the most important components of your scrapbook pages. Organizing your pictures so that you can easily mount them to your pages doesn't have to be difficult.

You can quickly organize photos into plastic sleeves until you are ready to attach them to your layouts. This way you can sort through your photos and determine which picture you want to use on your layouts. Another suggestion is to put pictures into Ziploc bags and label them with information about the event and what layout they will be attached to. Keep the bags together with your layouts so as soon you finish your pages, you can adhere the pictures.

Photographs can be stored in their original photo sleeves and put into boxes or you can purchase special “photo file” boxes that are made to hold photographs. When searching for something to store your photos in, you should make sure to get something that is photo-safe and acid-free so you can keep your photographs in good condition.



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