Scrapbook Sticker Storage Solutions

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What is the best way to organize stickers?

Scrapbook Sticker Storage Solutions

The best way to store scrapbook stickers is to buy an organizer. There are sticker binders available with plastic sheets and pockets to fit your stickers so they can be protected and easily accessible. A sticker binder is probably the easiest solution for sticker organization. Your “little sticker book” doesn't have to be fancy; a regular 3-ring binder with plastic sheets or page protectors will do just fine. The binder will keep all of the stickers in one place.

These binders are also a great solution for storing die cuts and punch outs. You can go a step further and label your pages into categories so you can flip through the binder quickly and find the sticker or category you need for your layout.



12/20/2008 9:36:38 PM
Bonnie said:

This sounds like a wonderful idea! I am going to try it right-away.


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