Clear Stamps Storage

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How can your protect your clear stamps?

Clear Stamps Storage

The popularity of clear or acrylic stamps is on the rise. These stamps are said to be more cost effective and are smaller and easier to store than bulky wood-mounted rubber stamps. Here are some suggestions for storing your clear stamps sets:

1. Store them in empty CD cases. Attach the stamps to the inside of the CD case and store them on CD racks or in a CD storage case. You can easily see through the plastic case to locate the stamps or they can be labeled for quick reference.

2. The stamps can also be stored in upright containers. Leave the stamps on their plastic carrier sheet in the original sleeve and store them in a stackable container.

3. Some clear stamps are subject to discoloration or the light may make them hard. A light-free container is another storage solution for clear stamps to protect them from damage. A simple shoe box or solid-colored plastic container will help keep the stamps in good working condition.

Storing clear and acrylic stamp sets in dry, sturdy containers will help keep them protected. Keeping your stamp sets organized and together will make it easier to enjoy the stamps and create your scrapbooking masterpieces.



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