Journaling Your Scrapbook Pages

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Journaling Your Scrapbook Pages

Journaling is an essential part of your scrapbook page layouts. Whether you are creating a baby scrapbook, a wedding scrapbook or a school memory book, it is important to record dates, activities and milestones. You should journal on almost every page with an explanation under the photographs. If you do not have information about your photographs and page layouts then you might forget an important event and others will not be able to fully enjoy your photos.

The proper way to journal is to answer Who? What?, When?, Where? And Why? Providing an answer to these common questions is key for future reference. Tell a story about your photos; try to relive the memory in your writing. All of these suggestions will make your memories come alive and by journaling your pages you will be able to remember your memories every time you look in your scrapbook.



7/10/2007 6:17:51 AM
Baily said:

I have trouble on what to put for journaling. To tell you the truth I never have been good at writing. So journaling is now going to be (fairly) easy.


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