Eyelets: How to Use Them on Your Scrapbook Pages

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I have never used eyelets before and would like to use them since I have seen many layouts that look great with them. How do I put them on a page?

Eyelets: How to Use Them on Your Scrapbook Pages

Eyelets can add appeal to your scrapbook layouts. In order to use eyelets you have to have the right tools. You will need to purchase an eyelet setter, which usually comes in a kit with a hole punch, tweezers and a hammer. You can buy a traditional eyelet setting kit or purchase a silent setter that is now on the market. The eyelet setter is available at almost any scrapbook or craft store.

You will need to punch the hole for your eyelet prior to placing it on your page. The hole is 1/8" in diameter. You punch the hole and then put eyelet through it and use your setter to pound it in place.

Instructions should be included in your kit or with your eyelet setter. Eyelets can be used for decoration or you can even thread ribbon, hemp, waxy flax, etc. through them for more design choices.



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