Craft Punch Templates

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Craft Punch Templates

Craft punches are terrific little tools and they come in so many fantastic shapes. One downfall to the craft punch is its size. The punched shapes are usually only an inch or two in dimension. The figures would make great die cuts, but size is an issue.

Here is a solution:

Use the negative punched out portion of your punches. Punch your shape onto a scrap paper, place it on a copier with a dark sheet of paper covering the punched out portion. Then, enlarge it to the desired size. Next, cut out the black negative punched pieces for templates. Now you have some new templates and some fabulous shapes for your scrapbook layouts.



12/30/2006 1:32:44 PM
Brooke said:

The tip is very useful but, it would be nice to have a picture followed by your tip. It might be confusing for others to understand so the visual aid would help alot.


2/23/2007 9:38:21 PM
Lori said:

That's a great idea. I will be trying it on my next project.


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