Tag Maker Scrapbooking Tool

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What kind of materials can be used in a tag maker?

Tag Maker Scrapbooking Tool

The tag maker is a part of the Making Memories scrapbooking tools collection. This little scrapbooking tool can transform paper, fabric or photos into uniquely shaped embellishments. The tag maker comes with templates and coordinating metal rims to create your tags. The rims are archival-safe and rust-free so you don't have to worry about harming your scrapbook layouts. When making your tags you will place the metal rim into the tag maker and slide your paper into the slots in the metal rims, then you simply squeeze and you're done. Metal tags can be used for decorative purposes, journaling, to showcase a photo and more. With metal tags and some imagination you will be able to create a distinctive scrapbook page to display your memories.



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