Plaster Your Pages Using Scrapbook Stencils

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What is a fun technique to do on your scrapbook pages with stencils?

Plaster Your Pages Using Scrapbook Stencils

Stencils are inexpensive scrapbooking tools that have a variety of purposes. A fun new technique for creating your scrapbook layout is to use scrapbooking stencils and plaster on your scrapbook pages. You can color the plaster with re-inkers or chalk. The stencils can be plastic or metal. Use a paper clip or adhesive to keep the stencil in place, then add your plaster and scrape across the top with the edge of a knife to smooth out your image or leave it bumpy for more texture. When removing the stencil, remember to lift it directly off the page so you don't smear your pattern. The plaster material will add depth, dimension and a unique twist to your scrapbook layouts. Apply the plaster directly onto the paper or use a separate piece of paper and cut out the shapes to glue to your layout. Different techniques and designs make your layouts exciting and fun to create.



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