The Clickit: A New Scrapbooking Tool from Karen Foster Design

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What does the Clickit do?

The Clickit: A New Scrapbooking Tool from Karen Foster Design

Karen Foster has created a new scrapbooking tool that is easy to use and has a variety of functions. This little tool is a silent eyelet setter, it can emboss on metal and it will punch holes in your paper for stitching.

The Clickit sets eyelets with ease. All you have to do is punch the hole, insert your eyelet and click the tool for a flawless finish.

In order to emboss, you need to use one of the decorative tools. The Clickit comes with different tips, including some alphabet tips. Once you have selected your tip, set it in the tool and place it on the metal. Click the tool once or twice to get the depth you want. Your finished product will be a perfect embossed image on your metal.

You can evenly punch holes along your paper with the two-hole punch tip and your Clickit tool. Insert the two-hole tip and place it on top of the cardstock under the craft mat to punch holes that are evenly spaced across you paper. Once you have prepped the paper with the holes, you can use paper floss or fibers to give the paper a hand-stitched finish.

New tools for scrapbooking make scrapbooking easier and so much fun! Keeping up-to-date on the newest scrapbook “toys” will help you make your scrapbooking adventures even more exciting.



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