Signature Pages

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What are some interesting scrapbook layouts?

Signature Pages

A signature page is a great idea for any album and can be the second page or the very last page of the book. One idea for this scrapbook page layout is to include a photo of you (perhaps working on the album) and journaling about the reasons behind why you put the album together. Those reasons can be as simple as noticing you had a lot of photos of one particular activity or really special as in the case of a tribute album. When choosing a photo of yourself, you could use one of you working on the album, posing with the album subject or a really nice recent shot. Don't feel modest about doing a signature page. Albums take a lot of work and time and future readers will appreciate the contact with its creator.



10/8/2006 9:07:34 PM
Robyn Schey said:

I have made several albums for friends and am sorry now I did not put a signature page at the end. What a great idea. Saying why you put the album together and what the friendship means probably would have meant a lot to the other person as well. Thank you for the tip.


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