Scrapbooking Techniques: Mosaic Borders

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What are some good scrapbooking techniques?

Scrapbooking Techniques: Mosaic Borders

Mosaic borders are a great scrapbooking technique, not only to add interest to a page, but as a way to use up scraps of paper. Cut your scraps into equal size squares. One quarter of an inch squares are a good size. I cut mine into inch squares using a trimmer and then cut each into quarters with scissors. Sort the squares by color and store in zip-lock bags. When placing squares onto the page, there are a few scrapbooking techniques to keep in mind. Mount them on contrasting card stock to give the effect of mortar. For adhesion, you can use a continuous piece of photo tape (if the squares are close together). Otherwise a piece of tape runner on the back of each square works well. An inexpensive scrapbooking technique to enhance a page is to create a frame for a photo, border the page or follow a line across a double page spread to connect the two together.



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