Organizing Your Scrapbook Ideas

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Where can scrappers get ideas from?

Organizing Your Scrapbook Ideas

Ideas for scrapbooking are found through many resources. Serious scrappers subscribe to scrapbook magazines or buy scrapbooking books full of techniques and ideas. Scrapbooking idea books and magazines can pile up if they are not properly organized.

Here are some organization ideas for your scrapbooking magazines and scrapbook idea books:

  • Use magazine holders to organize your scrapbook magazines and books. Sort the magazines by month and year so they are easy to reference.

  • If you are only interested in saving specific ideas instead of the entire magazine, you can organize your ideas for scrapbooking into 3-ring binders and page protectors

Organizing scrapbooking tips and ideas will help you locate these suggestions when you need them. Keeping an organized scrap space will help you create beautiful layouts more efficiently.



1/30/2009 1:48:37 PM
Darla said:

If you do keep your magazines, file them by month, i.e. all January/February together, all March/April together, etc. Then if you're looking for Thanksgiving layout ideas, just pull out your group of October/November mags, and there they all are - together!


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