Slide Mount Embellishments

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What are some common uses for slide mounts?

Slide Mount Embellishments

Slide mounts can be used on your scrapbooking pages for many purposes like framing embellishments, photos or words. These mini frames can also be embellished with many scrapbooking products. Here are some scrapbook embellishment ideas for your slide mounts.

  • Tie ribbons on the sides
  • Wrap decorative wire around the entire slide mount
  • Color them with markers, inks or other materials
  • Cover with glitter, microbeads or fabric
  • Emboss the slide mount to make them stand out on the page
  • Create a border for your scrapbook page
  • Decorate with rub-ons or stickers
  • Wrap with cord, tulle or fibers

Slide mounts can add character and dimension to your page layouts. They have a variety of uses. With some scrapbook supplies and a little imagination, you will be able to use slide mounts to enhance your scrapbooking layouts and craft projects.



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i reallyl ike this tip it helped me alot :D thanks


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