Scrapbooking Embellishments That Can Ruin Your Scrapbook Pages

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What is one embellishment that may not be safe for your scrapbook pages?

Scrapbooking Embellishments That Can Ruin Your Scrapbook Pages

Did you know there are some common scrapbooking embellishments that even experienced scrappers use on their layouts that may harm your pages and photos?

One common scrapbooking embellishment that is harmful is dried flowers. Plants contain lignin which will yellow your paper and your photos. Another embellishment mistake is silk flowers. Flower embellishments are extremely popular and silk flowers look nice on almost anything. Silk actually goes through an acid bathing process which is very damaging to your layouts. Fabric is not always safe either. There are archival-safe fabrics, but most fabrics have acidic components and their colors bleed easily.

Glitter is another scrapbooking embellishment that can damage photos and paper. If not sealed right, the glitter can come loose and scratch various elements of your layouts. You can buy special scrapbooking glitter that is not harmful to your pages.

When embellishing your scrapbook layouts, use scrapbooking embellishments that are safe and will not damage your pages. You can still use some the scrapbooking decorations listed above if you take the proper precautions, like sealing them with an archival-safe sealant, vacuum sealing them into their own individual space and keeping them away from photos and papers that could ruin from the acid or lignin ingredients.

Taking extra precaution to preserve your photo memories is essential to creating a lasting scrapbook album.



10/19/2009 11:51:15 PM
nancy said:

This is a GREAT tip! I use ribbon, glitter,stickers, etc. that do NOT say on the package 'archivally safe'. Even photo paper for my computer print-outs does not say 'acid-free'. I use the brand 'Archival Mist' to neutralize acid containing papers such as old newsprint. It costs about $45.00, but I bought it 3 years ago and use it often. Worth the money for old family papers, old Kodak paper photos, etc. I'll be more careful from now on thanks to this warning. I noticed that some stickers sold specially for scrapbooking do not state 'archivally safe,' and I found no additonal info. on their web sites.


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