Digital Scrapbooking Temptations

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What is one reason scrappers like digital scrapbooking?

Digital Scrapbooking Temptations

In the day and age of “everything digital” the scrapbook industry has joined in on the digital phenomenon. Digital scrapbooking has become extremely popular among scrappers for many reasons. With digital scrapbooking, you can achieve the design you want before you actually print it on paper. Digital technology allows you to correct photos, erase imperfections and add pictures and elements to the pages with the click of the mouse. If you are not satisfied with the finished product on your screen, you can erase everything and start over without the cost of the paper.

Another time-saving advantage to a digital scrapbook is clean up. You don't have a bunch of supplies to put away when you are done. You can start a page in your spare time and neatly save it on your hard drive to come back to later. Digital scrapbooking is also more user-friendly when it comes to sharing pages with friends and family. With digital layouts, you are able to print copies of the same page for someone else or easily shrink it down to a smaller size.

Digital scrapbooking layouts and other elements can be downloaded for free online. There are many free digital scrapbooking resources. There are also many digital scrapbooking programs on the market to choose from. You can mix and match the software to meet your individual needs.



8/4/2007 4:49:27 AM
Rhoda in WI said:

Digital scrapbooking is great for anyone with limited space and the benefit is it is so portable. Instead of rows of 12 by 12 scrapbooks and boxes of supplies, all you need is the space for CD's or even those nifty frames that work with your compact disk storage card. Biggest benefit-- no mess to clean up-- just enjoy your craft in the minutes you can squeeze into your day and it is portable so easily shared.


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