Printing Your Digital Scrapbook Layouts

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Where can you print your digital scrapbook pages?

Printing Your Digital Scrapbook Layouts

Digital scrapbooking layouts can either be printed at home on a photo printer or you can have them printed at the photo lab. If you print them at home, you need to make sure you have a quality photo printer and the capacity to print the size you want. Not all printers can print the 12 x 12 page size. Since photo printers are fairly inexpensive, purchasing a printer for home use might be a wise investment. Even with the cost of ink, you can typically print a digital scrapbooking layout for under $1.

Be sure to tell your printer the paper size and what type of paper before you start to print. When the printer is not in use, it is a good idea to keep it off; this will help your ink last a little longer. Remember to frequently clean printer heads and run a nozzle check periodically before you print to make sure your ink colors are flowing properly.

If you decide to take your digital scrapbooking layouts to the lab, you should first make sure your layouts are sized properly. If you layout is not a size that the photo lab offers you will have resize it. Always save your pages in the .jpg format. Sometimes the lab will crop the page a bit so you should make sure you keep your text at least ¼ “away from the edge. A 12 x 12 layout will be printed at a 12 x 18 size, so you can add smaller layouts, like 6 x 6, to fill in the extra space.

Whether you choose to do your digital printing at home or in a photo lab, the digital scrapbooking pages will be ready for display in a short time and you can share your memories with everyone.



6/19/2010 1:44:04 AM
Suzy said:

First of all, printing a 12x12 at home is about $3 in ink.
At they are under $2 and they print a true 12x12. No need to resize.


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