Aging Paper for Scrapbook Layouts

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What are some methods of aging paper and some terms or names to describe this technique?

Aging Paper for Scrapbook Layouts

Making your paper look aged or weathered is becoming a popular technique for scrapbookers. There are several ways you can make your cardstock or scrapbook paper look "aged".

One techique is to wad the paper into a ball and make it wrinkled. You can do this with dry paper or for a bolder impession mist your paper first. After you have wadded the paper in a ball unwrinkle the paper, let it dry and sand the inside with a fine grained sand paper. If you are using damp paper then you can iron the paper by covering it with towel and using the heat from the iron to dry your paper. This technique will set your creases and give the paper a sort of "weathered" look.

Sand paper can be used alone to sand off some of the color of on your paper, which will make it look "aged".

Texturizing your paper with dry embossing or other methods and then sanding the images can also give that "aged" image on your layouts.



2/7/2007 5:03:26 PM
linda said:

this seriously works. i used it for a history project when i had to write the diary of a crusader and for creativity (which was 1/2 the grade) just guess what i got...A+++

7/13/2007 4:43:52 AM
Julie said:

Try using a damp tea bag to stain the paper to give it an uneven look, and you can always singe the edge so it give the empression its been rescued from the fire place.


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