Choosing the Right Paper for your Scrapbook Pages

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What is Vellum paper?

Choosing the Right Paper for your Scrapbook Pages

There are so many different kinds of paper available for your scrapbooking needs. Sometimes it is hard to decipher between the different types of scrapbooking paper.

Some of the most common varieties of papers for scrapbooking are:

Cardstock, which is a heavy weight paper used primarily for the "backbone" of your page layout. It is also used for photo mats; paper piercing and die cut images too

B&T (Background and Texture) paper is used for a decorative background on your scrapbook pages. It can be used for a photo mat background or to accent your stamps, die cuts, stickers, etc.

Gingham (patterned paper) paper is a common "checker board" patterned paper that can be used for background accents on your scrapbook pages, greeting cards or other craft projects. It is pleasing to the eye and a popular, versatile pattern.

Handmade Mulberry paper is used for adding a bit of “flair” to your pages. This thick paper can be torn while wet and used for making “tear bears” or other characters. Just tear the paper and the result is chic, fiber-rich edges.

Vellum is a translucent paper that looks very elegant and it can be used for masking an image, embossing and is great for journaling. It is typically placed over a colored paper and it is used to "dress up" your pages and give them a distinctive appearance.

The most important thing to remember when you are choosing scrapbooking paper to go in your memory books is to choose a paper that is memory-safe, meaning it is acid-free and lignin-free. You want something that is going to preserve your photographs not ruin them.



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