Metal Embellishments

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What are some types of metal embellishments that can be used on page layouts?

Metal Embellishments

Metal embellishments are a popular accessory for scrapbook pages. There are many different types of "metal embellishments" available for purchase. Here are some popular scrapbooking embellishments that are made of metal and can be used on your scrapbook page layouts.

Spiral Clips.

These little clips are a great decoration for a photo mats or any image on your page layout. The spirals are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They can also be used to hold ribbon on your pages or clip-on photos and other images.

Safety Pins.

Safety pins can be used as a decorative border on a baby page layout. They can be pinned into ribbon or in the middle of a bow in your page. These embellishments are usually painted and come in several different colors.


Brads make a beautiful addition to scrapbooking pages. They can be used in the corners of your mats or "headers". They can be used for decoration too. You can use them to keep things in place or to enhance your pages.

Metal Words/Sayings.

Metal sayings are fairly new on the market. They are a unique embellishment that can add lots of character to your layouts. Most of the words are single words that can be used alone or combined with other words.


Eyelets are probably one of the most common metal embellishments. They can be used for decoration or to hold photos and other things in place. You can thread ribbon, hemp or wire through the eyelets for other enhancements. You will need an eyelet setter to use them, but they are certainly versitile and very appealing on your pages.

Metal embellishments are becoming very popular in the scrapbooking industry. They have a distinctive look and match well with many themes and colors. You can purchase these scrapbooking embellishments at any scrapbooking supplier, scrapbook on-line stores, craft stores, etc.



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