You've Been Inked!

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What type of artistic technique offers variety for my pages?

You've Been Inked!

Inking is a scapbooking technique that offers lots of variety. There is no specific way to ink your pages or images. You can't use as little or as much ink as you would like for your project. The creativity is up do you. Ink as much as desired.

You will need:

Scrapbooking paper (cardstock, B&T paper, vellum, etc.)

Sponge (dry and clean)

Ink pads (your choice of colors)

Other scrapbook supplies of your choice such as stamps, scrapbooking die cuts, stickers, scrapbooking templates, etc.

First, cut out your desired mattes and papers.

Then, dab the paper onto the inkpad turning it in various directions. You will have smudged color on your paper. You can use a sponge to fill in the color in uneven areas if you would like. The easiest route is to rub the edges of your paper against your ink pad, this will make a border around the image or your entire page.

Inking is used to add depth to your pages. It also gives it an "antique" or "weathered" look. It enhances your paper and adds color to the overall layout.


You want to make sure you lightly dab the paper onto the pad and don't press too hard or you might get a large, dark ink spot in one isolated area.

Lightly brush the ink across corners and edges of paper. You can also use a stipple brush for a different type of "inking effect".

This technique works best with non-glossy papers.

You can softly ink around your photo mats to give them texture and make them stand out behind your photograph.

Inking your pages or card creations can add a unique twist to your scrapbooking creations. Instead of coloring your images dab them in a little ink for shading and your done.



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