Easy to Assemble Vacation Scrapbooks

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What are vacation scrapbooks?

Easy to Assemble Vacation Scrapbooks

Scrapping your vacation photos can be done in a jiffy. Vacation inspired scrapbooks are an important part of your host of family memories. If you want to quickly “whip up” some vacation scrapbooks to store all your photos here are some suggestions:

Buy a vacation themed page kit that is pre-printed and photo ready

Organize your photos and adhere them to simple page layouts with a few embellishments to make your pages unique

Use unique items on your pages such as a road map or other small souvenirs from your trip
Vacation scrapbooks make great conversation pieces and are wonderful memory holders. When creating your vacation scrapbooks it is important to do a lot of journaling on your pages so you don't forget a single moment.



8/20/2006 11:46:39 AM
Paige said:

Thanks For this Vacation Scrapbook page. I want to Start scrap Booking and i wanted to start with a trip me, my dad and girlfriend took to Cancun Mexico so i just thought that would be really neat to do a scrap book about it!! Thanks Again!!


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