Accenting Scrapbook Pages with Hinges

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What is the purpose of hinges on your scrapbook layouts?

Accenting Scrapbook Pages with Hinges

When you think of hinges you can probably come up with several uses for them in your home, but does scrapbooking come to mind? Hinges have become popular embellishments for scrapbook pages. These unique metal embellishments can help draw attention to your focal point or they can be used to hide a photo or secret message on your layout.

Using hinges for a page decoration is easy. First, determine where you want to place your hinge and mark the holes with a pencil so you can line it up evenly. Then, using a piercing tool or small hole punch, pierce your holes. Now, set your hinge in place and use metal brads to affix it to your page. Hinges can be used to create movable mats and parts or they can serve as strictly an accent for your page.



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